These days microwaves no longer appear to be simply kitchen devices for heating up yesterday’s leftovers or defrosting every day’s dinners. Actually, there are so many smart appliances of this kind today that you can use only one main cooking helper. On the other hand, that makes any buyer quite disoriented in the types of microwaves on the market. No wonder, as far as more and more of them serve as the 2nd or the 1st ovens, due to sensors, automate/slow cooking, convection, and the like.

What to say, a modern microwave can offer a growing list of various cooking tasks. Big brands add a lot of capabilities to their microwave products especially for busy families, including browning and speed-cook modes, interactive recipe databases and so more on the menu. Consequently, think of what you are going to pay a premium?

So, if you are planning to buy a new microwave oven, you should consider the following products, we have listed below the top 20 best microwaves 2022 in the UK market. Let's take a closer look!

1. Panasonic Microwave NN-SD27HSBPQ Inverter

When it comes to the best microwave, it’s hard not to think about Panasonic. After all, the brand is known for its reliability and good features, and this one isn’t different. If you have a small kitchen, this one is the perfect pick because of the compact size. With 23L of content and 1000W of power, it is enough to heat up your meal without a fuss.

The control panel is a breeze, easy to use. And you have several different cooking methods with 5 different power settings. Feel free to enjoy various automatic programs, like Auto Reheat or Auto Defrost, allowing you to enjoy a tasty meal in no time. Rest assured that you can reheat the frozen foods while preserving the moist contents at the same time – delivering you a quality meal that you won’t get elsewhere. A lot of users enjoy the hassle-free 30 seconds program to help them cook and enjoy the quality results.

2. Toshiba Microwave MM-MM20P(WH)

If you always demand perfection, including your cooking, then this device may be the perfect pick for you. One feature to like is the glass turntable. Yes, that’s right – it delivers even heating results because it will rotate the food while heating. Not only it encourages even heating, but it will also prevent overheating that can burn your food. Operating one is easy. Just pop the food into the microwave, push some buttons, and voila! Your food is ready in no time!

The design is pretty stylish and compact. It looks small but it is able to accommodate 20L. You can make use of the control buttons that will lead to a convenient and quick solution. Enjoy up to 5 different power settings and 800W of power. Another cool thing about the machine is the low noise. When you turn it on, it won’t create any disturbing sound or whatsoever – perfect for those with babies.

3. Toshiba Microwave Oven ML-EM23P(SS)

This microwave is guaranteed to help you cook faster, easier, and more convenient. The device has 800W of power, meaning that you can choose any time you want – starting from 30 seconds to 6 minutes. A lot of users who have used the microwave claim that the machine can defrost foods in seconds and the quality of the cooking is superb. Some of them can create crispy texture with moist content – and they can do it without too much hassle.

As one of the best microwaves designed and created for modern living, the microwave comes with tons of handy features. You can make use of the pre-programmed setting and menu so you can enjoy convenient and efficient cooking. No need to do the cooking step-by-step. With the pre-programmed menu, you can press a button to melt butter, reheat a frozen dish, cook bacon, or make popcorn. No need to program them again and again.

4. Samsung MS23F301TAS - Solo

The first thing to notice about the microwave is the modern and stylish design. It feels modern and also compact although it can accommodate up to 23L. Operation is also easy – you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to make it run. The basic operation is pretty direct and straightforward so you don’t need a long time to make yourself used to it.

What if you want to use the special extra features? Feet free to do it – the guide will help you. Heating up food is done efficiently – and everything runs quite well. If you have never had a Samsung microwave before, it is advisable that you do it in a matter of seconds first. It will prevent food burnt and you can learn about the level of moisture you want from different foods. Cleaning and maintaining the microwave can be done easily. It can also heat up foods, not the plate. Be advised, though, that the glass is tinted. It is quite difficult to see the food and what happens inside.

5. Russell Hobbs RHMM701R 17L

First of all, you will love the modern and unique design. It has a mirror finish for the door and the solo microwave comes with various attractive colours. Not to mention that it is stylish and compact. The 700W power won’t disappoint you and the compact design allows you to place the machine in any spot in the kitchen. Another thing to like is that cleaning the microwave is fairly easy. You only need a damp cloth to wipe it off. It is easy and simple.

You need to heat it up first before using – but once it gets going, you can choose any setting to cook the foods. Just put the food on the turntable, press the suitable buttons, and your food will be ready in minutes only. And how do you know that the microwave has finished cooking? It will inform you with a ringer sound so you know the alert. Pretty neat, huh?

6. VYTRONIX VY-HMO800 800W 20L

There are lots of things to like about the microwave. It has stylish and modern design. The controls are simple and straightforward. The power is 800W which is enough to cook or heat up any food or even frozen meals. There are several programs that you will enjoy, such as auto defrost that can be useful for defrosting seafood, poultry, and meat. You only need to program the weight – let the machine adjust the power level automatically.

If you want to have a more complicated or complex cooking, use the multi stage cooking program. You can set up 3 stages within one cycle. Feel free to adjust it as the way you want it to so the final result is perfectly (and flawlessly) cooked, thawed, and hot. The safety program is nice – the reason why it is considered as the best microwave ever designed. It has child safety lock that will prevent kids from opening it without adults’ supervision.

7. Beko MOC20100W Solo Microwave

This solo microwave is modern and compact. The 700W of power is able to heat up everything, so you have a personal helper in the kitchen. The startup button is pretty fast so you won’t have to wait for a long time to enjoy your meal. The defrost feature will also help you prepare the food easily and quickly. With 5 power levels, cooking and preparing food will no longer be a problem.

You can control your own cooking time, depending on the types of meal you have. The controls are easy to use while accommodating 20L of contents. The microwave has various different power levels for every (cooking) need so you only need to press a specific button and off you go! With modern design (and compact size), you can place it on any empty space in the kitchen without any trouble.

8. Toshiba Microwave Oven 23L MW2-AG23PF(BK)

The 5 level setting will deliver convenient and easy cooking time – rest assured that cooking can be fun with this machine. It is called the machine for combination cooking for a reason. You can make use of the machine for grilling and reheating small food. It means that the machine can cook the food efficiently while the grilling activity will give traditional crisping and browning. Can you have different cooking methods with a single device? Yes, it is possible with this machine.

It also has various handy features, such as the memory position turntable. This innovative feature will automatically reset the turntable to the original and initial position so you can enjoy safer function. There is also Eco energy saving function that will reduce the standby power automatically – once the Eco mode is activated. But don’t expect to use the LED display digital screen when this mode is on.

9. Caterlite Commercial with Grill 900W

If you are looking forward to efficient cooking, you should have this machine in your kitchen. It will help you cook and prepared food with the handy features. The stainless steel construction will deliver solid and sturdy feel – it feels somewhat strong and tough. The controls are convenient with easy-to-use buttons. You should make use to two dials – one to control the time and one for function and temperature. You can also make use of the various settings, including High, Low, Combi, Grill, Defrost, and so much more.

You can also enjoy the combination cooking. A lot of users claim that having the feature is nice although they may not use it quite often. Be advised, though, that you may need some time to get used to it, especially if you are completely new to this. You also need to go through various testing periods to get the satisfying result. The 900W power is also nice because it delivers quick and powerful outcome.

10. Panasonic NN-SD25HBBPQ Solo Inverter

As one of the best microwave brand in the market, you will love tons of features packed within the machine. It has the inverter technology that will deliver even and fast cooking. Thanks to this technology, you can reheat and cook the food in the most perfect and satisfying manner. With 1000W of power and 23L capacity, you can expect the foods to cook evenly and well.

The reason why the inverter technology is better than conventional microwave is the uniformed power. There are no cold spots. You can cook all the foods without leaving any frozen patches or uncooked spots. The inverter technology will cook the food gently, preserving the moist contents and retaining the healthy vitamins and nutrients. It also supports one touch program that means you only need to press a single button to cook the foods properly. In the end, you can enjoy effortless cooking without too much hassle or complication.

Other Microwaves to Consider

11. Russell Hobbs RHFM2363S 23L

Looking for a modern and sleek microwave that doesn’t look too much? Then this microwave from Russell Hobbs suit up your needs just perfectly. From design, the contemporary and sleek style is perfect for all kinds of kitchen. It is compact but houses a large power up to 800W. Rest assured that you can cook your meals quickly and conveniently – without any complication or drama. Another thing to like is the flatbed technology – meaning that it doesn’t have any turntable. As a result, you can enjoy more space, allowing you to put casserole dishes or square plates to fit nicely to the microwave.

This best microwave comes with diamond cavity construction that will improve the heat distribution. It is done this way by enhancing and improving the microwave’s reflection within the cavity. Not only you can cook the food more effectively, but you can also save energy and time along the way. Think you will love the features?

12. Swan SM3090N Manual Solo Microwave

This manual microwave can accommodate 20L of capacity that can be used to warm and heat your foods. Whereas other microwaves generally come with 5 power levels, this one has 6. It is done to make sure that can enjoy your meals with various preparation methods, making sure of satisfying outcome. You can be sure that all of the foods will be prepared well and thoroughly without compromising the contents or the moisture within it. Your food won’t be dry, but it will stay moist and juicy.

The manual setting will make everything simple. There is no complicated operation or confusing directions. No fancy buttons that can lead to drama. You can rest assured that you should be able to operate and manage the setting to the simplest manner while retaining the tasty and juicy contents of the meal. As one of the handy features, the defrost function can help you prepare frozen foods quickly and fast. It is efficient and effective.

13. Russell Hobbs RHM2064R Heritage

Thanks to the sleek style, highlighted by the mirror finish on the door, you can proudly place the microwave on the kitchen and be sure that it will improve its looks. The power outcome is big, reaching 800W to deliver convenient, tasty, and also quick cooking at home. The microwave may look compact but it can accommodate 20L of content. And to make it cooler, the glass turntable can be removed and it is also compatible with the dishwasher. Easy and quick cleaning is definitely a plus point.

The 5 levels power setting will make cooking fun and convenient. And you can also enjoy the pre-programmed automatic cooking menu that enables you to cook the foods with a single push of a button. And the automatic defrost feature is nice. You just jot in the food’s weight and let the machine choose the right defrost time.

14. Daewoo KOR9LBKCR with Touch Control

As one of the best microwave available on the market, this microwave delivers easy and simple operation. The machine has 4 auto cooking programs with 10 power levels. You can cook and prepare the foods conveniently and easily. Not to mention that is comes with a reflector and 2 heat sources, ensuring thorough and even cooking. The combination of 20L capacity and 800W of power will result in effective cooking perfection. You can be sure that a standard dinner plate will fit just nicely into the microwave.

Another thing to like about the microwave is the easy-to-clean features. Thanks to the wipe-clean coating on the exterior as well as the interior, taking care and cleaning the machine will be a breeze. You only need a soft cloth to wipe everything (preferably after every use) so your machine will remain long lasting and functional.

15. Sharp R372WM 25 Litre Solo Microwave

When compared to other machines, this one has a relatively big capacity – up to 25L. You can heat up everything easily without complication or difficulty. You can even heat up several smaller plates at once, improving the efficiency of operating the machine. The power level setting is also convenient because you have the freedom to adjust everything at your heart desires.

Moreover, the microwave comes with child lock safety protection so you can still use the microwave safely even with kids around. This extra safety feature is nice and it brings you a peace of mind without excessive concern. The auto defrost function is nice and the different settings will make your cooking time enjoyable and even fun!

16. Russell Hobbs RHM2076B 20L Solo

Even when you just take out the frozen foods from the freezer, you can immediately heat it up with the defrost feature. This feature can be set and adjusted as your heart desire, allowing you to enjoy tasty food without taking too long for the preparation.

The 20L capacity is also nice. It allows you to place a regular dinner plate for convenient dining moment. It also comes with 5 power level, making sure that you can cook your meal just the way you like. You can simply set it up in no time and you are ready to go in no time! What about the controls and buttons? Everything is made simple and easy – thanks to the manual arrangement.

17. Russell Hobbs RHM2563 25L Digital 900w

The microwave has a good and sturdy built. It looks sleek and modern with the mirror finish. Yes, the design may be simple, but that’s the main characteristic. The functional features are nice – rest assured that you can cook your meals easily without any drama. Controls can be set up and adjusted in no time, saving you a lot of efforts, energy, and also time.

The window is tinted and a bit dark, unfortunately. You can’t really see what’s happening inside, which can leave you clueless. And the light bulb can only be replaced by a professional. But on the overall end, the microwave is able to cook and heat up foods in the most convenient way. You can also place it on the kitchen and rest assured that it can improve the kitchen’s aesthetic.

18. Samsung MS23F301TAK/EU Solo

There are plenty of features to love about this microwave. The Eco mode, for a starter, will help you save money on the monthly basis. It will automatically reduce the standby power use so it won’t be excessive. It also comes with triple heat distribution points. The result is even heating without the possibility of cold spots or whatsoever.

The interior is made of ceramic enable that will improve easy cleaning. It is also resistant to scratch and rust so you won’t have to worry about discoloring issue. What about control? They are such a breeze because you can always operate them with the easy setting and also the pre-programmed features. As one of the best microwave, the features are all packed and handy – you just need to figure them out.

19. Daewoo QT1R Compact Manual Control

The microwave implements dual wave technology, meaning that it will heat and cook food evenly. No more uncooked food or cold food – all of the meals can be beautifully cooked in the most satisfying and perfect manner. Each meal can be arranged with also dual speed timer so you will enjoy fun coking.

Unlike other microwaves, this one has 7 power levels. Feel free to adjust and set everything to avoid cold spots. The microwave is simple with easy operation. Controls are laid out in the most convenient layout so you can always operate it without any complication. Be advised, though, that this is a really compact device. Whereas other microwaves are able to accommodate 20L, this one is only enough for14L. However, if you only cook foods for one person or you want to bring your microwave during camping, this would be the perfect machine.

20. Russell Hobbs 20L 800w Microwave Stainless Steel

Cleaning this microwave is easy. In fact, it is pretty convenient. You don’t need to deal with fussy cleaning method to make sure that it remains spotless and clean the whole time. You will also love the handy features that include auto defrost and also auto cooking menu. Just pre-program everything and you are good to go!

The grill function will also deliver convenient cooking – especially if you are into brown and crispy texture. Feel free to have fun with the microwave. You can even make experiments with different cooking methods and ways – and be sure that you will like the results without compromising the taste. This is definitely one best microwave to have!

What to Consider Before Buying a Microwave ??

One of the first things you’ll need to decide is where you want to keep it. Many keep one on a worktop in the kitchen. As an alternative, they can be wall-mounted or kept on a shelf. A further option is to have your oven built-in. Having a built-in microwave will be more costly and require some wider considerations. On the plus side, a built-in microwave can look very professional and complement other appliances. You also don’t lose worktop space.

Type of oven

Basic / Solo ovens - These are the most common. This category is will be very capable of performing straightforward cooking tasks including reheating soups and meals, and cooking vegetables and TV meals. They have easily moved around as you wish and are particularly popular with smaller households - especially students single persons, young couples, and the elderly. Often a turn-table is included. This can ensure that the food is cooked evenly and thoroughly. Read the review about Best Solo Microwaves 2022 if you are planning to buy a new basic oven.

Combination ovens - Combination microwaves are now more prevalent. They are able to use microwaves and ordinary heat convection at the same time and in the same place. You would be able to determine whether you wanted to cook by either conventional heating or microwaving on its own - or indeed to use them together if you wish. Some of the Best Combi Microwaves 2022 have extra features, such as fan-assisted ovens, grills, or automatic controls to determine the sequence of microwave and conventional cooking.

Grill microwaves - These have a heating element that works alongside the normal microwave cooking, which browns food and gives it a more attractive texture and appearance. They have a rack to bring the food closer to the grilling element.

Other things to consider

Sizes - Allow enough space around the microwave to get air to vents and open the door fully. Do think carefully about the maximum number of people it will need to cater for. Something often overlooked is to think about is the size of dishes that you want to use in it. Make sure that they will fit.

Power - The more powerful the oven is, the faster it will cook. You can determine the power by the wattage of the appliance. The watts for each oven type can vary from around 500 to over 1550. With a few quality microwaves, you can adjust the power to take account of the meal you’re cooking. In Europe, energy ratings are applied - ranging from E down to A. Most are rated E, roughly 741W to 800 W.

Design issues - There is a range of styles, so you should find something you like. White, silver and black are the colours that are most in demand. Most have doors that have a push-button opening. Others have a door with a handle. A small number have top-hinged doors - these are more compact. Also, you can find the best red microwaves 2022 in case you want to make your kitchen looks more trendy. Or you want to read the best compact microwaves 2022 review if you want a microwave for a small family at home.

Controls - The majority have digital displays, with a keypad. These allow you to press a button for common functions and also any automatic settings for cooking pizzas, jacket potatoes, etc.

Microwave Functions

- A range of these may be included:

  • Auto reheat -this allows the inputting of the type and weight of the food. The microwave will then work out how long is required.
  • Auto defrosts - very similar, calculating how long is necessary automatically.
  • A steamer. This is not that easy to use initially but, as it cooks vegetables quickly and healthily, is a great asset.
  • Crisper - in addition to a grill microwave being ideal to brown the top of a pizza, some models have a crisper which enables you to crisp their bases. This can work well with bacon as well.


I hope you enjoy reading this review and of course you can choose one of the products above and most products above is priced at under £100. Now you only need to adjust to your budget and needs.

Have a nice purchase!