Best Red Microwaves 2022 UK – Beautiful For Kitchen!

For those looking to instantly elevate the design and decor of their kitchen, nothing will do so better than one of the five best red microwaves outlined below.

More and more people are turning to microwave solutions that aren’t stainless steel, jet black, or pearly white – and are instead looking for unique and exciting colours and schemes to integrate into their new kitchen decor. Obviously, nothing screams personality quite as much as a candy apple or fire engine red microwave. While they may not exactly go with absolutely everything and any kind of design style out there, for the right person there’s nothing better than installing one of these red microwaves.

A red microwave is the same as any microwave the only difference is the hue. The colour red provides a contemporary appeal for your kitchen. You can rarely find a high-quality red microwave in comparison with the usual black and white ones. However, since we’re in a modern age the popular view of the standard colouration kitchen appliances are starting to vary and adapt different coloured kitchen items.

It’s also possible to put your red microwave where it would blend together with your kitchen wall paint or wallpaper. Acquiring the precise shade of microwave is also essential if you need your kitchen to look great and appealing particularly when you are having buddies, relatives, and visitors over.

If you want to buy a red microwave, we can recommend some of them. Here are 5 best red microwaves 2021 in the UK available out there today!

1. Swan Retro Digital Microwave

The Swan Retro Digital red microwave is not only one of the best (and maybe the very best) looking microwaves available in this list, but it also happens to be one of the most powerful and high-performance options as well.

It comes with a powerful 800-watt output and combined with six different power levels, including a defrost setting that allows you to set the best temperatures, also it has a pretty large capacity of 20-litre. It’s going to fit perfectly in just about any counter space you have available without dominating or being overbearing. On top of that, the classic mirror finish door is absolutely gorgeous, and the red will really pop thanks to the silver accents.

2. Russell Hobbs RHM2064R

Russell Hobbs microwaves have always been a “fan favourite” for those looking to purchase a new reliable, durable, and inexpensive microwave – This microwave with its red colour, also upgrades the style and design aesthetic as well. It is packed with impressive functionality, with 800 watts of output, will provide quick and convenient cooking options in your home. This is a beautiful microwave that will fit perfectly in your kitchen

In terms of features, this microwave comes with everything you need for fast cooking needs. It has automatic defrost settings, 5 microwave power levels as well as Auto cook menus. This microwave is also equipped with other interesting features such as Weight defrost settings, Clock & digital timer and Jog wheel control. Dimensions are large enough with 25.8 cm x 44 cm x 34 cm.

3. Beko MOC20200R Solo Retro Microwave

This is one of the cheapest red microwave on the market, the Beko MOC20200R Solo Retro Microwave. This is a high-performance microwave unit that would fit right in perfectly in just about any commercial kitchen, but they are also almost always shrunken down so that they can be effectively used in residential kitchens.

This Matching Chef red microwave provides 20-litre of capacity and includes an 800 W of power, while at the same time blending a very modern aesthetic thanks to its cherry red paint and white silver scheme. Easy to clean, easy to maintain.

It offers a variety of cooking options like mincemeat, melting chocolate, auto cook menu, etc. There’s a microwave power level that can be customized with ease for each of your cooking needs and pre-set menu options, where your cooking time can be set automatically.

4. Morphy Richards Microwave 511502

This Morphy Richard microwave is still going to easily fit on any countertop or any extra space in your kitchen that you have, and the overall red, black and ivory cream colour scheme definitely will help to complement your kitchen design aesthetic.

This microwave offers a number of power levels and is integrated with 8 automatic programs, which means you can cook healthy and delicious food with the press of a button, everything you need for cooking, re-heating or defrosting can be accommodated directly by this beautiful microwave.

The microwave itself is quite easy to use, even for beginners though, the settings can be done through clear and easy to use digital displays. When you finish cooking using it, you can simply clean it with a damp cloth.

5. Daewoo KOR8A9RDR Retro Design

The last product we can recommend for you is the Daewoo KOR8A9RDR where this microwave is also in bright red with a retro design. It has an extra capacity of 23 litres make it an ideal choice for family cooking. The power output is 800w that helps for quick and efficient cooking results.

The manufacturer completes this product with the Concave Reflex System feature, to ensure food is evenly cooked. and Child Safety Lock features that are very useful for securing this microwave from accidental operations, especially from children.

Other features are five power levels (including defrost) and four auto cook programs for cooking automatically soups, beverages and fresh veg.


That’s all the best products we can recommend to you. You can choose to adjust to your budget and needs and of course, all of these microwaves can make your kitchen more beautiful.