Top 10 Best Combi Microwaves 2022 UK

Looking for a new microwave? Overwhelmed by the seemingly endless number of choices that exist these days? Instead of simply considering a basic, classic microwave to zap leftovers and occasional quick-cook meals, consider the benefits of a combination microwave.

Today, combination microwaves come equipped with a multitude of options including microwave + toasters, microwave + convection oven among others. There are multiple benefits to a combination microwave over a standard microwave which should be considered.

Here we set out some of the best combi microwave ovens 2021 with their features and benefits. We also look at their capabilities and who they suit best.

1. Toshiba Microwave Oven ML-EM23P(SS)

Looking for a compact and also the best combi microwave? You should look into this product from Toshiba. The design is sleek and stylish, able to accommodate 23L easily. A family with a lot of people may find it a bit compact for their needs, but if you need a device to heat up a small portion of food, this microwave won’t disappoint you.

Enjoy the multi-functional features that will make cooking easy and even fun. With adjustable power level and combined with 2 cooking stages (combined), you can choose whatever option suits your preference. The results will be different, naturally, but you can have it the way you like it. It also comes with two defrost functions that will heat up your food just perfectly. And let’s not forget the dual remarkable technology that will deliver perfect and even result. Thanks to this technology, uncooked or cold spots can be eliminated so you can enjoy a masterpiece without breaking a sweat!

2. Panasonic Microwave NN-CT54JWBPQ

Have a small kitchen with limited space? No need to worry. This slim microwave from Panasonic will make sure that you can place it on the kitchen without compromising performance. A lot of users claim that they can truly enjoy optimal and satisfying result. They have no trouble in cooking crispy texture while retaining the moist and juicy inside with this microwave.

The microwave has this nice defrosting feature which can also be used to cook and heat up food. Thanks to it, you can melt chocolate without having to worry about burning it or you can make baby food without the concern of cold or hot spots. Another cool thing about the microwave is that you can activate several functions altogether so you can have faster cooking time. If you combine grill or convection function, you can actually achieve 40% faster result – saving you a lot of energy and time for cooking. Sounds like a great deal, huh?

3. Sharp R959SLMAA Combination Microwave 40 Litre

If you see the microwave, you may see a big machine but it does have multifunctional use that will make cooking a breeze. For a starter, the microwave is able to accommodate 25L and up to 40L in whole. It means that you can heat up your 10” favorite pizza without a problem. Sure, you can also pack it up with different meals and food that suits your palate.

As one of the best combi microwave, this microwave is able to do a lot of functions – and everything can run smoothly. You can bake, grill, and also microwave with a single device. And no need to worry about the result because everything will be just perfect and flawless. Operation is easy because all of the controls have been laid out in the simplest manner. It also has its own cooking sensor – allowing the microwave to adjust the temperature and cooking setting automatically.

4. Panasonic NN-CF778SBPQ Family Size

This is a big Panasonic Microwave where it comes with flat bed technology, removing the hassle of a turntable. Sure, having a turntable will improve even heating so cold spots can be prevented. But then again, its existence often takes a lot of space. With the flatbed technology, even heating and cooking remain intact while providing 30% more space that can accommodate a large quantity of food.

The microwave comes with inverter technology, a capacity of 27Litre and with 1000W of power 3-in-1 cooking combination with grill feature. You are free to grill, cook (or microwave), and also bake. Why you should spend money to buy different machines when you can do everything with only one machine? The microwave is also perfect for small kitchen. It has a smart drop down door that can be used to cool and rest hot dishes first. And you can do it without compromising the space or the quality of the food. The various features will make your cooking a breeze, for sure!

5. Samsung MC28H5013AS/EU 28 Litre

There are tons of things to like from this Samsung's combi microwave. For a starter, it has its own Eco mode that will automatically eliminate the usage of the standby power. As a result, you can save a significant amount of money for the (monthly) energy bills. Second, the microwave even has its own fermentation feature that can be handy for your favorite food, such as yoghurt or bread. You can even make the latter one, thanks to this feature.

Can you enjoy healthy cooking? Why not? There are various pre-programmed healthy cooking menus to help you eliminate cooking oil. With these menus, you can make and heat up foods easily without compromising taste or quality. And as if it weren’t enough, the interior is made from ceramic. It’s so easy to clean up the smooth surface – you only need to wipe it off. It is also resistant to scratch and dust – discolor shouldn’t be an issue.

6. Russell Hobbs RHM3003 30L Digital 900w

This digital microwave from Russell Hobbs is quite big, able to accommodate 30L. The design is simple but the mirror door finish delivers a nice modern effect. With 900W of power, heating, cooking, and reheating foods won’t be an issue. You just pop in plates after plates and voila! All of your meals will be ready in a matter of minutes.

The construction includes a fan assisted oven which you can use just like a conventional oven. Does it help to cook and prepare foods? Definitely! It is surely handy for big family gatherings and dinner parties. Thanks to the combination features that mix a grill, a microwave energy, and a convection heating, you can crisp, roast, brown, and heat various types of foods, including backed potatoes, lasagna, pizza, and cottage pies. And the turntable is handy for even heating. And get this: it can be removed so you can enjoy easier cleaning.

7. Toshiba Microwave Oven 23L MW2-AG23PF

This combi microwave has its own memory turntable so the machine will automatically reset the position, allowing it to return to the original place. It improves safer cooking and also efficient heating. With the combination of 5 power levels and 900W of energy, you should be able to cook and heat up everything in no time. Plus, you can do it conveniently – choosing whatever heating method you feel suitable with your cooking style.

The combination cooking is super handy because you can both reheat and grill foods without compromising the quality. This feature will make sure that you have even cooking and yet you can still enjoy the nice crisp texture (and brown color) if you want to. Feel free to enjoy the myriads of features that include kitchen and clock timer, child safety lock, speedy cooking, and auto defrost by time or weight. Do different experiments with these features – one of them may be your favourite!

8. Samsung Comb Microwave MC28H5135CK/EU

The microwave will deliver healthier outcome and also easier implementation without a fuss. It is claimed to be a device that promotes healthy cooking. It has various pre-programmed menus that will make the process remain easy and simple and yet able to deliver the satisfying outcome. It even comes with its own Slim Fry Technology where you can still enjoy your favorite fried food. Only use a little amount of oil (one tablespoon) and you can enjoy golden, crispy, and juicy tasty results without harming your own health.

The microwave comes with Smart Humidity sensor that will measure the moisture and temperature level automatically while you are cooking. Whether you are cooking fresh or frozen dishes, rest assured that they will be perfect without you having to spend hours on the making. What about cleaning? The inside is made from ceramic enamel that delivers antibacterial and smooth surface. Cleaning it would be such a breeze.

9. Russell Hobbs RHM2574 Digital 25 Litre

The microwave can be used to heat up, reheat, and cook your favorite meal in any condition that you want. You want it a total crisp? You get it. You want it tender and juicy? Feel free to have it too. The microwave houses 900W of power with 10 different power settings. As a result, you can have a satisfying outcome without any complication or difficulty.

The glass turntable is easy to remove to promote easier cleaning. And the stainless steel interior will also make it easy to clean. Moreover, you can enjoy baking, cooking, and grilling with only one device – it is easy on the wallet as well as pleasing to your taste buds.

10. Panasonic NN-GD37HSBPQ Inverter

The microwave grill and oven has the inverter technology that promotes (and also supports) even heating and cooking. Not only you can enjoy even result, but the texture is also crispy. But in the event that you don’t like crisp result, the microwave comes with other cooking settings that can be adjusted and chosen as the way you like. This is a machine that supports simple and easy cooking. You won’t have to break a sweat when operating it.

The combination of 1000W of power and big 23L capacity is handy. You can pop in any dish that you want and expect them to be warm, crisp, and tasty as your preference. There won’t be cold patched or frozen spots either, thanks to the inverter technology. It helps to cook all the foods in a more gentle manner and yet resulting in faster outcome. One push button system is also helpful because you can manage everything with only a single press of a button. No wonder if it is considered as one of the best combi microwave ever existed, right?

Advantages of Combination Microwave

The most obvious advantage to a combination microwave is the capability to eliminate the need to purchase two separate appliances. It may sound incredulous that a microwave oven could replace the need for a traditional convection oven, but some models even include a built-in grilling option.

Technological advancements have allowed convection oven technology to be confined to much smaller spaces. Additionally, a combination oven offers extra cooking space, which would be particularly useful in the holiday season. While a large turkey occupies the oven, the combination microwave could be used to make delicious side dishes.

Some combination microwave models also offer settings for use of both microwave and convection heating at the same time. This will allow for much speedier cooking for time-stricken families or working people constantly on the go. Because of the microwave technology food no longer needs to be defrosted before cooking. The microwave action of the machine will defrost the food at a rapid rate while cooking.

Furthermore, while standard microwaves require the usage of only certain dishes, a combination microwave can cook with any type of dish. Other combination microwaves come equipped with a toaster oven.

A combination microwave offers the capability to cook in a variety of fashions. If you need to quick cook a dish as with a standard microwave that is easily possible. If extra cooking space is needed to prepare a side dish such as green bean casserole or cornbread, a combination microwave can supply that as well. This proves to be beneficial not just in terms of saving space, but also in saving time.

Those living in a studio or small apartment or lack space for a conventional microwave in their kitchen can utilize the combination microwave to save space while still giving them cooking options. Although combination microwaves can be a bit costly, it could prove to be a useful replacement for those who cannot facilitate a conventional oven.

How Combination microwaves work

A combi microwave works by heating by using convection heating and also has a grill.

Combination microwaves offer the user a great deal more cooking flexibility than using a standard solo microwave.

The reason for this is because combination microwaves, as the name suggests combines normal microwave energy with a grill and convection heating which is heating by fanned hot air. This means that they can brown and crisp food in the same way as a conventional oven

Why use a Combination Microwave?

There are several advantages to using a Combination microwave to a conventional microwave.

1. It offers the user additional cooking options over and above basic microwaving.

2. You are however able to cook in the same way as a standard conventional oven except you can cook much more quickly.

3. Normally you will get many auto functions and additional features.

What a Combination microwave will do for you.

It is possible to cook a complete meal in a combi microwave such as a full roast dinner and there are a whole host of dishes you can prepare.

Combo microwaves also tend to have preset programmes. These can be particularly useful when cooking particular meals. They will automatically cook the food with the correct amount of microwave, convection heating and grill – you don’t have to set this yourself. Your instruction handbook will give you guidelines on cooking a range of different items.

A time saving, clean and easy way to cook food.

You can also obtain additional accessories such as steamers for rice and shelves for browning which can help you to obtain the correct finish and prepare attractive and healthy meals quickly.

Disadvantages of Combo Microwaves

  • They are more expensive than traditional microwave models.
  • If all you want to do is to heat and defrost food then a more basic microwave will probably do.

That’s it, I hope this guide can be useful for you!