Ranges, Ovens and Stovetops for Kitchen

Modern kitchens are no longer just kitchen; they have become smart kitchen designs loaded with must-have kitchen appliances, sophisticated Kitchen cabinets, storage devices, countertops, preparation centres, and many other appliances that make your job easy and comfortable in the kitchen. But, fundamentally, kitchens are for cooking and therefore cooking appliances are critical to the function of a kitchen. We accommodate a variety of these kitchen appliances for cooking and assign them different names such as ovens, ranges, stoves, stovetops, cooktops, and more. But the fact is that all of these appliances are basically designed to fry, roast, boil, broil, and cook foods.

A wide range of appliances is available within this category and choosing the right ones for your kitchen can be a kind of challenge. You may need to answer questions: Do you want built-in ovens, a freestanding stove, or a commercial range? How many burners should it have? Should it use gas or electricity as fuel?

Kitchen Ranges and Stovetops

It is critical and important to have a range that operates properly and efficiently as it is the heart of any kitchen. Manufacturers of residential cooking appliances have got inspiration from the increasing popularity of industrial cooking equipment and now they are developing a wide variety of both gas and electric kitchen ranges in all shapes, sizes, colours, and an enormous array of features.

Options found on ranges include:

  • Computerized baking and roasting switches
  • Varying size burners with differing heat intensity
  • Different numbers of heating elements/burners
  • Digital or analogue clocks and timers
  • Broilers with variable temperatures
  • Griddles, woks, and grills

Before making a purchasing a range, ask yourself whether you prefer a range, which has both a cooktop and an oven, or a separate wall oven and cooktop units.

You can buy glass and ceramic cooktops to build in flush with a counter. Here the oven mounts in cabinets elsewhere in the kitchen. You can also buy ranges that include ventilation hoods and microwaves. The choice is yours.

Till a few years back, gas was the better choice of fuel for cooktops and electric the better choice for ovens. However, recent technological advancements make both heat sources good options for either type of cooking. Gas is more economical than electric power in most areas of the country. Gas ranges are similar to the electric range, but instead of electrical elements, they have gas burners, gas valves, and require hookup to a gas pipe. This is the basic difference between a gas and an electric range.